• The Retrofier Classic Combo Amp
  • An all new generation of analog guitar amplifiers has finally arrived!
  • Get ready for something VERY different in guitar amplification because the
    Retrofier classic is here! We are not talking about a new flavor of what's out there. This is a completely new approach inspired by the best of the classic guitar amplifiers while adding qualities only dreamed of in the past and rolls them up into one incredible new product that can only be described as surreal.

    Retrofier classic combo guitar amplifier is not tube, not digital, and in no way behaves like a conventional solid state amp. It is a truly unique product that has at its core the Solid-State-TubeTM, an innovative new circuit module developed by QES that generates the harmonics and dynamic behavior of a class A push-pull tube circuit while leaving the high voltage, noise, weight, and other annoyances behind.

    Inside the Retrofier classic's vintage style cabinet with it's 12" Jensen® guitar speaker, is a very fresh new approach to guitar amplifier electronics. QES's unique analog signal processing techniques give it incredibly versatile performance. This amplifier was carefully engineered and designed for and by guitarists and recording professionals. After such continuous scrutiny and critique throughout the development process, the Retrofier classic has taken on a life of its own.

  • 30 watt(tube equivalent) Black $1,895.00 Now only $1,695.00
  • 18 watt(tube equivalent) Tweed $1,695.00 Now only $1,495.00

  • The Pornados "Victory Rolls"
  • Seattle guitarist Jason Goessl plugs directly into his Retrofier Classic on this track for some fantastic Rockabilly overdrive.

    Jason has played this amp in over 400 gigs covering thousands of miles, used it in many studio sessions, and it just keeps cranking out it's wonderful sound.

    The Retrofier Classic produces tones ranging from incredibly warm clean tube effect all the way to high energy rock levels. All of this from a 20 pound amp that meets energy star level 6 efficiency!

    Jason Goessl in a recent studio session demonstrates the incredibly authentic sound of the Retrofier Classic with it's real spring reverb and more.

    To find a live performances featuring Jason playing through one or more of his THREE Retrofier amp models, visit parlourtrick.com

  • Retrofier Classic - Features
    • Industry changing analog Solid-State-TubeTM circuit developed by QES gives it classic tube style tone, overdrive, and dynamics
    • Tone characteristics and overdrive levels configurable by custom order
    • 12"/70 Watt Jensen® speaker
    • Super low noise wide band spring reverb (available in several configurations)
    • Professional quality 3 band constant-Q tone control(EQ)
    • VERY lightweight and portable - approximately 20 Pounds/9.1 kg
    • Small and light enough to travel in a standard checked airline bag (16"H X 20"W X 9.5"D)
    • Can be powered anywhere in the world using simple adaptors or by changing the line cord
    • Solid wood finger jointed cabinet
    • Available in a wide variety of custom covering and grill cloth colors/styles
    • No dangerous voltages as found in tube amps
    • Highly immune to electromagnetic interference
    • Designed, engineered, and hand assembled in the USA
    • Just plain cool!

  • Retrofier Classic Controls
  • The Retrofier classic control panel is organized in the order of the actual signal flow from the input jack to the volume control. Other than the fact that the Low, Mid, and High controls are actually one unit and thus one stage, the signal flows through the amp from left to right as the controls appear.

  • Instrument Input

    • Very similar electronically to a typical tube amp input
    • 1 meg ohm input impedance and about 10 PF capacitance prevents loss of signal quality and tone due to instrument cables and guitar circuit losses
    • Exceptionally low input noise for an acoustically transparent connection to the guitar
    • Subsonic filtering eliminates thumps, thuds, and other non musical disturbances
  • Drive Control

    • Selects 6 levels of input sensitivity from clean to crunch
    • Automatically compensates the output level for each setting
    • Automatically adjusts the bass level for optimal tone balance at high drive levels
  • Tone Controls (EQ)

    • 3 band constant Q graphic equilizer
    • Band centers: 62.5 hz - 500 hz - 4 khz
    • 24 db adjustment range per control
  • Reverb

    • Real spring reverb
    • Exceptionally low noise
    • Subsonic filter eliminates crash thumps, amplifier overload, and wasted power
    • Advanced drive and recovery circuits with high end audio specifications capture spring nuances not normally heard
    • Professional quality band limiting filters reduce noise and reverb "crashes"
    • Natural mixing at all reverb levels
  • Volume

    • Electronically logarithmic for smooth control from 0 to 10
    • Lowers the noise with the volume level for exceptionally quiet practice level playing
    • Zero DC minimizes scratchy pot noise
  • Power

    • 24 Volts DC, single polarity external power supply with Energy Star Level VI efficiency
    • Worldwide power compatability by using simple travel adaptors or changing the power cord
    • Real jewel style pilot light with 24 volt bulb

  • 30 Watt Standard Black or Tweed - GC112-JRA4
    • Large rubber feet
    • Rear metal corners(not shown)
    • Black-face era handle
    • turquoise striped grill cloth
    • Cast aluminum logo and name plate
    • Type 4 accutronics® spring reverb
    • Single 12 inch Jensen® MOD12-70 Guitar Speaker

  • 18 Watt Tweed Standard - GC112-JRM8
    • Metal glide feet
    • Rear metal corners
    • Tweed era leather handle
    • Oxblood grill cloth
    • Wood logo and name plate
    • Type 4 accutronics® spring reverb
    • Single 12 inch Jensen® MOD12-70 Guitar Speaker

    Detailed overview of the Retrofier classic combo amp