• The "Warm Glow"™
  • Guitar Amp Tone/Overdrive Pedal
  • One of our recent customers described it beautifully...

    "So... Wow! they should have called this the Quimper Electronic Systems "Magic Box"! I'm kind of floored at how well it reproduces the tone of a tube amp through a PA system. Lots of manufacturers have professed to pull this off in the past, but I have always found the various pre-amp to PA products to be little more than a powered direct box. The Warm Glow actually did an amazing job of reproducing the tones of my pedalboard as they sound through my amp. This summer when I have to play festival gigs with a 15 minute hike to the stage and crappy backline amplifier, I'm just bringing my pedalboard and this to run directly into the the PA. Thanks Debra (QES CEO/Co-Founder), this pedal rocks!" - Rik Wright"

    The "Warm Glow"™ is the "missing link" of the pedal world! An all analog solid state amp tone/overdrive that truly sounds like a tube amp even when plugged directly into a PA. And yes, it also does wonders for amplifiers when used as a conventional pedal for both clean and overdrive. Whatever the configuration, pedals upstream, downstream, direct into a PA, a guitar amp, DAW, or whatever, the warm glow will have you rethinking how guitar sound is done.

  • What else does it do?
    • Studio Guitar Inputs
    • The "Warm Glow"™ is an ideal solution for studio guitar inputs and this sound clip is a perfect example. The recording was made by playing to a drum track(real drummer) and 3 additional tracks all using the "Warm Glow"™.

      The 3 tracks are bass, rhythm guitar, and lead guitar. The only adjustments made between takes were switching from the neck pickup on the rhythm to the bridge pickup on the lead. No adjustments to the mix whatsoever. The only effect used is reverb. All you are hearing is direct "Warm Glow"™ tone into a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)!

      An important point of this demo is that the natural tube style compression has the tendency to balance the mix. This gives post production a substantial head start by reducing fussing over tone and dynamics from the start. You can just move on to the finer points. In some cases you may forget about tweaking altogether!

    • Mixing Board Inserts
    • The "Warm Glow"™ was designed with several pro audio uses in mind. Using it as an insert device is one of them. This allows setting up a mic or line input on a mixing board to be a wonderful guitar amp with nothing more than a standard insert cable.

      Using the "Warm Glow"™ as an insert device doesn't end there. Keep in mind that it overloads like a tube. It is also filtered to give that retro tube overload effect that recreates the fat or even overloaded sound of vintage vocal recordings. Think Motown, Blues, etc.. This is also an ideal setup for distorted harmonica/harp effects using only standard mics going into the system.

    • Upgrading Low Quality/Cheap Amplifiers
    • The excels in transforming even the cheesiest amplifier into a beautiful sounding tube amp! We are talking about ALL guitar amps, including digital modeling, tube, and acoustic amps! This also works with cheap computer speakers and portable stereos! Try anything! Experiment!

      Use the "Warm Glow"™ with your pedal farm as an ideal practice amp, just add any powered speaker!

  • Other Features
    • Zero latency
    • Very low white noise
    • Extremely reliable and durable
    • Completely immune to ground loops
    • Highly immune to power line buzz, radio interference, and even cell phone noise
    • Uses high quality Switchcraft metal jacks that are mechanically isolated from the circuit board
    • Energy Star level 6 power supply included
    • Designed and hand assembled in Port Townsend Washington USA
    • Significantly lighter than a guitar amp! :)

  • Ordering
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