• Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is there an explanation of the Retrofier controls on your site?

    A: See the article: RetrofierControls and Relative Signal Flow

    Q: Does the Retrofier work well with Pedal Steel or other instruments?

    A: We have tested the Retrofier with the help of some great musicians on Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Tele, Strat, Les Paul, Ukulele, Violin, Electric Bass, Theremin, and all with great success. Although the Retrofier in it's current form was designed primarily for electric guitar, we are very pleased to hear it do incredible things for a wide variety of instruments. We can take it to another level however, so don't hesitate to call 360-774-5115 or email tech support at techsupport@quimperelectronic.com for more information about custom amplifiers if you have some specific instruments and/or preferences regarding tone, dynamics, etc..

    Q:Does the Retrofier work well with pedals?

    A:Yes! Very well. It is also a first class non pedal amp. ALL of the guitarists that have plugged in directly have been very impressed with the overdrive and spring reverb.

    Q: Can I hear a demo and play through a Retrofier in person?

    A: You can contact us at info@quimperelectronic.com to get the latest info on where and when we will be giving live demos or to help us organize one. We will also be posting audio and video demos on this site soon.

    Q: Are your amps considered "Boutique?

    A: No. We are in fact a proper manufacturing company with every intention of mass producing our products to the extent that makes economic sense. The Retrofier is not a limited production novelty or anything of the sort. It is a highly engineered and pioneering product as opposed to a dressed up version of the status quo.

    We understand nostalgia and that is why our amps are carefully fashioned to have the look they do and engineered to have the sound that they do. However, we also feel that it is time to lose the 1930s era vacuum tube circuits as well as recognize the limitations of digital techniques. We will be addressing these topics and more in our technical articles coming soon to this site.

    Q: Do you build/repair tube amps?

    A: Well, we certainly do not build them as we have devoted years of work to produce the ANSWER to the tube amp. Not a "modeling" of it, not a rival of it, but rather it's successor. Repairs are another matter. We do repair guitar amps of all types when it makes sense. Give us a call or email and we can discuss your repair needs.