• The Retrofier Dual Spring Reverb
  • Spring Reverb Perfection!
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  • accutronics® Type 9
    spring reverb tank

    The Retrofier Dual Spring Reverb uses two accutronics® spring reverb tanks, a studio quality 6 channel mixer, and very high quality input and output circuits, to form an exceptionally high quality and portable stereo spring reverb unit that excells in both studio and live performance environments.

    The Retrofier Dual Spring Reverb takes the well loved accutronics® sound to a new level with QES's innovative proprietary circuit design. Driving reverb tanks and recovering the sound from the other end seems reasonably simple electronically, however doing it extremely well is another matter.

    First, QES's approach to driving spring tanks is based on the same exclusive Solid-State-TubeTM technology that gives our guitar amplifiers their stunning tube-like tone. This gives the reverb a very rich compressed drive that produces an incredible warmth in the sound at the receiving end.

    At the receiving end of the reverb tank the sound must be captured from the springs free of noise and filtered in just the right way. QES's recovery amplifier was designed from the ground up considering the sub-atomic level randomness that causes noise in electronics and as a result is an EXTREMELY quiet design. The amplifier also has integrated sub-sonic filtering.

  • The Retrofier Dual Spring Reverb in action
  • The first Retrofier Dual Spring Reverb we produced was sold only hours after it's completion. It was promptly taken to a Seattle studio where it was used in the production of Dream Man by Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints, and what a wonderful production it is.

    The Dual Reverb is most obvious on the track:"Lost Highway". The guitar was played by Jason Goessl using a Retrofier Classic combo amp using it's internal QES spring reverb unit and balanced line output.

    About an hour before heading off to the studio with the first unit, some last minute lab measurements and audio testing were conducted. The first test track demonstrates the sound of an electric guitar plugged directly into the Dual Reverb and then fed directly into a recorder. The result is an interesting demo indeed.

    For more details or questions:techsupport@quimperelectronic.com

  • Retrofier Dual Reverb Features
    • Industry changing analog Solid-State-TubeTM circuit developed by QES gives the reverb drivers classic tube-style tone and dynamics
    • Exceptionally low noise
    • 6 channel mixing for maximun signal flexibility
    • Wide band spring reverb drive and recovery circuits
    • Balanced line input and unbalanced guitar input
    • Stereo outputs - Balanced and Unbalanced - Line Level
    • VERY lightweight and portable
    • Durable travel ready case
    • Can be powered anywhere in the world using simple adaptors or by changing the line cord
    • No dangerous voltages as found with tube circuits
    • Designed, engineered, and hand assembled in the USA
    • Just plain cool!